Sage Bolte, Ph.D.

Enhancing Your Sexual Self


    Chronic illness can have pose a diversity of challenges on one's life. A person's sexual health is not excused from these challenges. Both persons with illness and their partners may experience changes related to their sexual self.   In addition, as cancer survivorship  increases, so to do the issues of quality of life that survivors face. A survivor's sexual health and intimate relationships are not exempt from the short and long term effects that cancer and its treatments can have.

    To provide excellent care means to address all areas of quality of life. Dr. Bolte is equipped to help you, your staff, or your institution begin to assess and address this, and many other, essential quality of life issues. Dr. Bolte is a nationally and internationally recognized educator and speaker on the topic of sexual health, intimacy and relationships in illness.


  • 2013 Hematology-Oncology Social Worker of the Year: The Leukemia Lymphoma Society

  • The American Cancer Society's Doctoral Training Grant, Recipient 2008-2010